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Capitalistic Deveolopment -- the only Solution?
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Capitalist Parties Unite to Save System
Riaz Ahmed
Capitalist parties burry differences when it comes to collective damage to their class. So the PTI, PPP joined hands with PMLN to bury any public fury over Panama Papers and Nawaz and hundreds of other capitalists loot and plunder. Bourg parties cry loud over corruption but as their budget shows they ravage the poor.
Punjab: Workers Protests at Mall-Road
Sahil Harkar
The media cannot ignore the Mall Road protesters even though it paints not their grievances but those of the masters. Teachers, nurses, paramedics, doctors, peasants come from far & wide to sit-in in front of Punjab Assembly. Protests spreads to Quetta, Peshawar & Multan as well, reports Sahil
Class Based Education System in Pakistan
War, Capitalism and Mulla Mansoor
Sartaj Khan
As Pakistan Iran tensions continue to rise over Gawadar and Chabahar the region appears heading into another era of profits for few taking priority over lives of millions. Linked to this is the murder of Mulla Mansoor of Taliban whose killing seems not enough to reduce US problems, writes Sartaj Khan.
Okara/Rajanpur Peasants Face Military
Socialist Report
The mighty military has once again turned its guns on poor peasants fighing for the land rights. Both in Rajanpur and in Okara the land-rights movement is attacked like terrorists. Like PIA, Port Qasim, Steel Mills the underclass in Punjab is determined to fightback agaisnt military led state repression.