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Is Marxism Against Religiuos Freedom?
Capitalism has Changed -- What about Workers?
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Hong Kong rises for democracy
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China & Changing Pakistani Capitalism
Sahil Harkar
As Chinese investment plans overwhelm Pakistani capitalists at large the role of state in implementing these mega projects appears with greater attacks on freedom of expression and dissent. Riaz Ahmed in another article discusses the geo-strategic impact.
Sabeen Mehmood & Civil Rights
Riaz Ahmed
Director of middle-class cafe/platform Sabeen Mehmood was murdered soon after she hosted Mama Qadeer to discuss Baloch missing persons. Riaz Ahmed says discussing  Baloch began a wider movement in students/teachers and the deep impact Sabeen left on issues she touched.
Movement Against Bahria Town
Riaz Shah
Bahria Town Karachi is a massive occupation of Sindh's 2 lac acre land and will dislocate, displace thousands. Riaz Shah and Aamir Hussaini argue that resistance against Bahria Town/DHA is a resistance against capitalist model of development and must be supported by all oppressed.
Operation Against MQM & Changing Capitalism
Sartaj Khan
Recent military operation against MQM necessary for capitalist expansion. Curtailed MQM will share power and release the traders from extortionist clutch. Military operation of 1992 terrorized the middle class base allowing lower middle class lumpen to form the terrorist core, argues Sartaj Khan.