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CPEC & Empty Promises
Sana Baloch
Sana Baloch a democratic nationalist narrates the history of empty promises of development to the Baloch. He notes that the Pakistani state is consistently threatening those who speak against the mega projects and this reveals the true intent of projects like CPEC. (Article borrowed from the web)
Altaf Hussains Position
Riaz Ahmed
Military operations in Karachi have a history since 1992. The main objective of such operations has been to break the might of MQM. However this time the breakup attempt has forced Altaf Hussain to take a separatist position. Riaz Ahmed discusses the contradictions.
Class Based Education System in Pakistan
CyberCrime & e-Commerce Globalization
Riaz Ahmed
Cyber Crime Actl is designed to target internet dissent in Pakistan and must be resisted. Riaz Ahmed explains the class basis of the opposition and why the bill is part of the e-commerce globalisation and how the local technical and education industry propped by World Bank feels threatened by the Act.
Karachi University Strike Against Cuts
Osama Shafiq
Karachi University teachers and staff observed a strike that ended the 3rd day on August 4 when the University agreed to pay salaries, remove finance officer. Osama Shafiq writing on Whatsapp explains financial crisis roots in underfunding and demands a bail-out package.