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State Repression Fails to Bring Peace
Riaz Ahmed
Two years of furocious military operation against the Baloch, Gilgit Baltistan, Karachi and other parts of Pakistan fail to bring the peace declared on the anvil by the ruling class in Pakistan. Riaz Ahmed reviews the operations and the divisions amongst the ruling elite.
Denim Garment Workers Fightback
Tanveer Hussain
The fightback by Denim Garment Workers in Korangi Karachi signifies the rising confidence amongst a section of working class. Workers overcome the fear of anti-terrorist charges by the state and strike, sit-in and occupy the largest garment factory in Karachi. Tanveer Hussain  reports
Class Based Education System in Pakistan
Red Line Between Terror & Revolution
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur
" People have to have the priority in every decision and every action contemplated for, because without the support of people everything is doomed and that includes all the sacrifices given till now, including that of brave martyr Qambar Chakar and thousands of others." Ali Talpur writes
Fanon: Pitfalls and Radical Mutations
Leo Zielig
"Today, in the context of the struggles taking place across North Africa and the Middle Easówe need to revisit Fanon for his extraordinary insights into revolutionary processes and his warnings of the pitfalls of national consciousness and the national bourgeoisie." Writes Zielig, translation Riaz Ahmed