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Is Resisting Imperialism Supporting Jihadists?
Capitalism has Changed -- What about Workers?
Capitalistic Deveolopment -- the only Solution?
IST Statement on Paris Killings
Hong Kong rises for democracy
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Capitalism, Khilafat or Socialism?
Sartaj Khan
Capitalism creates more crisis and wars, its a failed system. The further the capitalist development the more is the killing. But what about an alternative to capitalism? Sartaj Khan explores the available options and examines Khilafat and nationalism and compares them to capitalist reformism and revolutionary socialism.
Turkey and Repression on Kurds
Sahil Harkar
Recent onslought on Kurds in Turkey and the attacks on public freedom by ruling Justice Party led by Tayyab Ordogan is seen by Alex Callinicos as a shift in laters policy due to the spreading civil war in Middle East.Kurd nationalist alliance with imperialists adds to the war. Sahil Harkar translates.
Class Based Education System in Pakistan
Political Impact of PIA Struggle
Riaz Ahmed
A stunning strike by all Pakistan PIA workers has stunned the regime of Nawaz Shareef. Workers fightback has halted the bloody capitalist march on PIA. However the divided ruling class is fast regrouping and so does the workers in PIA. Its time to spread the fightback, argues Riaz Ahmed
MQM & Fightback by the Poor
Sartaj Khan
The divisions in MQM spring from the massive military campaign against the rural poor and urban lower middle class. The attacks are meant to speed up the process of capitalist development that wants to set aside barricades by the poor. Sartaj Khan says rising middle class wishes to help the capitalists.